Whether he’s dodging planes at Plage de St. Jean or chilling poolside on a swank Manhattan rooftop, he’ll do it in unmistakable style and comfort wearing Aqua et Sol.   

Like a high-end Italian sports car, Aqua et Sol’s distinctive men’s swimwear celebrates the elusive fusion of form and function; melding dazzling aesthetic dash with precisely engineered, hand-crafted mechanical precision. 

It starts with the next-gen visuality. Aqua et Sol digitally de-tunes and stylizes photographs of the urban and natural landscapes to produce fascinating imagery specifically sculpted to envelop the entire swimsuit.  Aqua et Sol’s inspired re-imagination of what prints can be, coupled with their meticulously constructed high-performance physical framework, expresses an uncommon savvy, spirit and joie de vivre. 

Crafted to exacting standards in the emerging fashion hotbed of Brooklyn, NY, the Aqua et Sol swimsuit is built like a trouser; the fit is all-day comfortable and yes, the structure is more than sound enough to be worn as shorts.  The precise construction, extended tab and over-engineered closures mean there’s no need for elastic — Aqua et Sol swimwear is built to fit.  The look and feel of the imported French fabric are simply hedonistic, and its performance is decidedly cutting edge. The material eats UV rays for lunch, and washes them down with an icy-cool glass of quick-drying comfort.  Each suit also comes with it’s own “dry bag,” to make the transition to non-aquatic pursuits as easy as a week of sunny Sundays. 

Aqua et Sol is high-style and high-tech — extraordinary swimwear for men who transcend expectations.