Drawing inspiration from classical sculpture of her native Greece, Alexandra Koumba’s designs meld timeless artistic sensibilities with breathtakingly innovative modern style.  In the Greek art tradition, her jewelry and homeware collections invoke the natural form and blaze with an intensity fueled by possibility and passion.


The result is a spectacular alchemy of antiquity and modernity; organic and abstract; intricacy and minimalism.  Alexandra incorporates mixed metals, iconic motifs, brilliant high-shine finishes, elaborate details, fascinating textures and dramatically feminine shapes to create sculpture that accentuates and complements the female form.  Fine metal-cast bones, foliage, insects and her signature cast lacework are among the elements that make Alexandra Koumba truly extraordinary.


For all their individuality and variation, Alexandra Koumba designs all share a common characteristic — they turn heads, captivate and fascinate wherever they are worn.  Whether it’s gleaming in the Santorini sunshine or lighting up a meeting in the C-Suite, a wearable work of sculpture by Alexandra Koumba says “this is a woman of distinctive taste, depth, edge and powerful femininity.”