Today’s self-actuated active woman has high aspirations and even higher expectations.  While others are defined by limitations, her lifestyle is super-charged by infinite possibility. What some accept, she changes.  Where others see problems, she finds solutions.  She’ll never settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is available.

BODYFLY is the extraordinary active apparel that infuses transformational compression shape-wear, activewear and recovery-wear with up-to-the-minute modern style.  Like the women who wear it, BODYFLY is both scintillating and smart.



Designer and renowned plastic surgeon Charlotte Rhee melds an artistic fashion eye with the possibilities and science of compression.  BODYFLY’s unique combination of compression fabric and contoured construction sculpts, slims and enhances — regardless of body type, BODYFLY designs provide confidence and comfort while exuding an exquisitely polished look that works at the gym, around town or even during post-op recovery. 

The life-changing benefits of compression technology — from better athletic performance, to improved circulation and energy to general wellness — are a hot topic across both traditional and social media.  BODYFLY’s expectation-leaping fabrics also keep the wearer comfortable, dry and cool with built-in moisture wicking and antimicrobial proficiency. 

BODYFLY is for the dynamic modern woman — she is unapologetically chic, she brims with vitality and verve and she rightfully demands the same from her wardrobe.  With BODYFLY, she gets it all — game-changing technology and trend-setting style.  She’s a trailblazer; she’s a game-changer; she strives be, feel and look her best — and she succeeds.


Seize the possibilities — be the extraordinary you with BODYFLY