The first Boom is explosive athletic performance fueled by leading-edge compression technology, the second Boom is the shockwave from the impact of incendiary style and on-trend chic.  Together, Boom Boom Athletica is the beating heart of today’s fierce, fitness and fashion-minded modern woman. 

Boom Boom technical athletic-wear is for the serious, high-impact athlete with a sense of style as dynamic and on-stride as she is.  The luxurious high-performance designs are for women driven to set the pace and set the trends.  Founder Ann Johnson, Swedish-Canadian ultra-marathoner and gym fanatic, has struck the optimal fusion of fit, function and modern fashion.   

Each piece is over-engineered to perform.  It starts with the best-available European fabrics — they look great, feel great and have the transformative benefits of compression technology woven in.  The athletic benefits are amazing — Boom Boom’s compression weave stimulates and supports muscles as they work, enhancing energy return and endurance.  Ann personally road-tests each Boom Boom design to ensure it performs comfortably, reliably and resiliently right through the very last mile, set or circuit. 

Boom Boom athletica transcends superior performance with a look that is decidedly high-style and high-end.  From sleek, streamlined cropped leggings, to fun, flirty and ferocious bras and tops, Boom Boom performance-driven athletic-wear is for the driven woman who gives it everything she’s got in her workouts and in every aspect of her high-energy life.