With body that forms the quintessence of smart modern luxury, and soul steeped in the ancient artisanal traditions of India, hand-crafted statement accessories by Esse et Cie feature the best of East and West, old and new, visionary artistry and opulent glamour.  

Indian craftspeople plying generations- old embroidery, textile, leatherwork, stone cutting, carving and metalwork artisanship contribute their exceptional skills to realize designer Smita Conjeevaram’s distinctive artistic signature- extraordinary dazzling geometry; rich coloration and texture; and sumptuous touch.  

Smita envisions her collection as “accessories that embody the luxury of handmade, the indulgence of comfort and the beauty of timelessness.”  

Each Esse et Cie design- ultra-luxe shawls, scarves, jewelry, gloves and handbags- exudes a depth of beauty that makes it a centerpiece of any elegant modern wardrobe.  

“This collection is a reflection of my love for textile and fashion, inspired by the alluring beauty of handmade. During my pilgrimage through the textile centers of India, the sight of dexterous hands creating textures and design using time-honored techniques that no machine can replicate was a revelation.”  

- Smita, Esse et Cie designer