With rich experience including being the owner of a designer boutique at the age of twenty one years old, Bangkok born designer Hathairat Maneerat spent her teenage years in Auckland New Zealand and studied in Paris before finally moving to New York City, where she remains today as the Creative Director of her namesake brand; Hathairat (pronounced Hã-tie-rãt).

Having an international residence inevitably gives the collection a global influence visible in the multi-wearability of "hard-to-miss" statements, all of which can be seen throughout her designs. Hathairat's initial experience in design was as the hand beading specialist for a Thailand-based couture workroom studio.

The Esmod alumni cleverly provides a healthy balance of clean lines fused with whimsy inspired by themes from her childhood including dolls, toys, insects and fantasy, making the brand's signature uniqueness part of its continuing language.