You know that invincible vivacious feeling you get when you’re sporting that magical dress, those killer shoes or that perfect bag? What if your skin were so strikingly healthy and radiant that it gave you that same electric confidence? With the natural power of Immunocologie, healthy skin never felt so luxurious.

Your skin is the outward projection of your inner vitality and allure. But it’s much more than that. It’s also your shield against a world-full of harmful effects – from UV rays, to microbes to synthetic chemicals. Healthy, resilient skin is absolutely essential to your overall wellness; it’s vital to how you look, how you feel – your very quality of life. Your skin deserves the most natural, effective, and luxurious care available –it deserves Immunocologie.

The sumptuous feel and scent of these revolutionary products is beyond luxurious; their ability to make skin of any type smooth, radiant, and even-toned is unmatched in luxury skincare. Naturally derived, scientifically optimized and sustainably sourced, Immunocologie products are state-of-the-art skincare; the earth’s most nourishing natural ingredients taken to new heights of efficacy by modern scientific innovation.



While undergoing successful chemotherapy, Immunocologie founder Karen Ballou grew deeply concerned about the impact that her skincare products were having on her overall wellness. The skincare products available, even from luxury brands, failed to provide the restorative and protective nourishment – let alone the extraordinary sensory experience – she desired.

With 30 years of skincare industry experience, Karen set out to develop a naturally effective and truly luxurious alternative. She searched the world over for the most healthful botanical and mineral ingredients the earth has to offer: from west African baobab seed oil to South American rose canina and hibiscus.

Among these discoveries was a volcanic green clay from the south of France long known for its unique ionic, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties – now the essential active ingredient for the entire Immunocologie line.



Conventional luxury skin care products never penetrate the outermost layers the skin.

Immunocologie’s patented Vital Oligo Science technology replicates the skin’s own metabolic process, allowing the essential cold-pressed active ingredients to be absorbed deep into the skin, achieving an entirely new level of protection and nourishment.



Immunocologie always strives to be a responsible steward of natural resources and positive contributors to communities. Immunocologie’s ingredients are ethically sourced in accordance with the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) – the pinnacle global standard for fair and sustainable trade. Immunocologie returns fair value to farmers and their communities; enhancing educational and economic opportunity through scholarships, grants of school equipment, and vocational training.