Her alarm goes off at O-Dark:30.  Coffee, workout, shower, subway, office. More coffee, the videoconference with Europe, e-mail, then back-to-back meetings, followed by a consult with a client cross-town.  Lunch to go...she grabs a lipstick at Chanel and a latte for the cab-ride.  Back to the office; team huddle on 6, project update on 2, expense reports, more e-mail… Call from the boss — that strategy document; she needs it tonight.  Got it…work it…done.. 8:09.  Okay, enough.  She says goodnight to the cleaning lady on her way out.  Stops for a drink, maybe a quick dinner.  She heads home at 11:15, texts a couple of friends and calls it a night.  She’s on the first flight to L.A. tomorrow; another early one.   

Some would call this day stressful; she calls it Tuesday.  14,000 steps…all in heels.  So much foot fatigue she doesn't even notice her leg fatigue. Then a friend tells her about high-tech intelligent leg wear from ITEM m6… 


In today’s high-demand, high-energy world, a girl needs every edge she can get.  Intelligent legwear and inner-wear by ITEM m6 gives her that edge — tights, socks, knee-highs, stay-ups and leggings that make her feel as great as she looks.  From the company that invented compression technology more than a century ago, comes a collection of leg and shape wear that energizes, invigorates, slims and features all the stylistic élan of non-compression luxury brands; and then some.  For fashion-conscious frequent flyers, ITEM m6 leg wear is a godsend — go ahead and leave your shoes on; your circulation is in the best of hands.  Or take them off — ITEM m6 ’s runway-inspired designs feature high-end ultra-matte weaves, virtually invisible nudes and rich details that are too luxe to keep under wraps.  Plus, their built-in wicking ability keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day. 

For the fashion-forward dynamo who does it all and wants it all, ITEM m6 is a must-have, must-wear and a must-experience-to-believe. 

ITEM m6’s name is derived from the m6 pressure point on the ankle.  The products focus compressive stimulation on that area, which lies on the main meridian — the body’s conduit of energy flow, according to traditional Chinese medicine.