The Raw Spirit fragrance collection celebrates both world and earth — uplifting and inspiring scents that pay sensory homage to the unique spirit of places and cultures near and far. Channeling the power and energy of the natural world, Raw Sprit fragrances connect people across oceans, celebrate the Earth we share and contribute to their mutual well-being.      

Raw Spirit formulates its one-of-a-kind fragrances using sustainably-sourced “natural” ingredients native to some of the world’s most earth-connected cultures and inspirational locations.  Indigenous oils, woods, leaves and flowers combine to achieve harmony between the senses and the soul.  These naturally-derived scents bring earth’s spiritual refreshment to city life, or blend seamlessly with a beach breeze or mountain mist. 

Sustainability — harmony between society, nature, and economic opportunity — is a cornerstone of the Raw Spirit ethos.  From environmentally responsible harvest practices to the sustainable economic opportunity and environmental conservation initiatives they provide to communities worldwide, Raw Spirit reflects the values and vision of the people who wear it.