A creative outgrowth of the hippest, most happening jewelry boutique in Hong Kong, The Ninth Muse’s collection of high-fashion, high-impact jewelry features trend-defining original designs- spectacularly feminine, dramatically delicate, and emotionally evocative.  

Designer Jing Zhang create from a diverse palette of stylistic elements: lustrous freshwater pearls, exotic semi-precious stones, scintillating chromatic crystals; imaginatively and beautifully set in either sterling silver or yellow, white or rose gold.  

Like today’s dynamic modern woman, The 9th Muse’s designs are impactive, intricate and incredibly versatile. The pieces are drop-dead gorgeous alone, but designed to work in combination; providing endless opportunities for creative self-expression.  

The theatrical dimensionally, graceful visual flow and built-in movement of the collection empower the wearer to be whomever she is; or wants to be- from edgy to elegant, ravishing to reserved, laid-back Bohemian to all business. The inspired jewelry designs by The 9th Muse provide the exceptional woman with the tools to match her look to her mood, her aspiration or her fantasy. From sultana to Stepford wife; seductress to scamp; empress to ingenue; rockstar leather to ballroom lace. Whether she’s a finance shark; a fawn to femme fatale. The 9th Muse let’s her be her…or not.  

Jewelry by The 9th Muse dazzlingly declares: “here’s an inspiring woman; inspire her.”